Enhancing Logistics with Autonomous Robots

LexxPluss aims to conquer all the challenges faced by the logistics industry, such as improving the working environment, securing manpower, and responding to increased demand. We offer a full range of services that are optimal for each logistics depot, from implementaion to continuous on-site operation.

Problems with robots designed to follow pre-determined routes

Obstacles stopping the robot.

AGVs will get stuck on the spot and operations will come to a halt if an obstacle is placed on the route, as they follow a predetermined route.

No cordination between robots.

Operating multiple AGVs risks traffic jams and collisions, as they only perforn their tasks indivisually without any coordination.

No idea how to improve operations

It is difficult to determine the efficiency of a fleet of AGVs as they are not networked together.

LexxPluss Solution to Automated Logistics

Robots Determine On-Site Conditions

LexxPluss' Hybrid-AMR uses autonomous driving technology to determine the best route to take at any given point, while assessing the situation on site. This allows the Hybrid-AMR to perform consistently even on places where operations are constantly changing.


Centralized Management of Robot Status OptimizesThe Entire Fleet

The Hybrid-AMRs are managed by Konnectt, an integrated, centralized robot control system. This allows robots to give way to each other to avoid congestion, enabling the entire site to be continuously managed and optimized.

Smooth On-Site Improvements Based on Data

Konnectt collects and stores all kinds of data, including robot utilization rates, running conditions, and the number of errors. This allows for detailed analysis of on-site operations, facilitating operational optimization.

One Stop Shop for All Manner of Services

LexxPluss offers a full range of services necessary to build the next generation of distribution centers.

Flexible Adaption

Identify operational issues and possible improvements based on information from site layouts and on-site inspections.

Effectiveness Analysis

We will verify whether Hybrid-AMR implementation is cost-effective based on the number of robots needed, the cost of integration, and the expected labour-saving effects.

Start-Up Plan Assessment

We work in partnership with our customers to form logistics strategies, aiming to develop realizable milestones and schedules.


For partners who are new to robotics, we will work together in forming contracts to make sure everyone gets what they want.

Cooperation with Trollies

We will design robots to automatically transport any trolley of your choosing.

System Cooperation

System integration with elevators, conveyors and WMS can also be achieved via Konnectt.

Operational Design

We support our partners all the way, aiming to continuously improve on-site operations with upgrades and new ideas.

Maintenance and Servicing

We also provide maintenance and servicing during operation, proposing operation plans tailored to our partner's needs.

Operations Management

With Konnectt, the status on-site operations can be checked from anywhere.

Follow-Up Services

We will support you in every situation, whether you need help with troubleshooting or want to know how to operate the system.

Optimizing Operational Effectiveness

We will constantly analyze our robots using data collected from Konnectt to improve operations.

Our Solutions


Best of Both Worlds for All Your Needs

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Simply control all autonomous robots by a single device

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A helping hand between Hybrid-AMRs and Conveyors

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