Hybrid-AMRBest of Both Worldsfor All Your Needs

An Autonomous Mobile Robot with both AMR and AGV controls

Hybrid-AMR is an Automated Mobile Robot with hybrid controls. Combining autonomous vehicle control and guided line control.

Quickly transport large quantities of goods

One robot can autonomously transport loads weighing up to 300 kg whilst travelling at a walking pace

Automatic towing of heavy objects

Transport existing Cage Trolleys and 6-Wheel Carts of up to 500 kg (1102 lbs).

Compact enough to pass through doorways

With an industry leading turning radius of 38cm, the robot can traverse the tightest of warehouses and factories.

Hassle free Automatic Operation and Automatic Charging

The SLAM-based autonomous operating system enables the robot to adapt to various situations. When low on battery, it will automatically seek the nearest charging station to top up its batteries

Patented Hybrid-AMR technology for guaranteed Accuracy

Cooperative System

The Hybrid-AMR system enables the robot to work in conjunction with assorting systems and conveyor belts for seamless transport of goods.

Navigation in Tight Spaces

Hybrid control allows for obstacle avoidance and safe operation in tight spaces, enabling the robot to operate anywhere and everywhere.

Quick and Automatic Connection with Trolleys

Hybrid-AMR functionality enables the robot to automatically link with a variety of trolleys, optimising the flow of goods without need for human intervention.

Safe Robot Operation


The multi-sensor array enables the robot to detect humans and obstacles for safe on-site operation.

Trolley Contact Detection

The Hybrid-AMR's actuator sensors eletrically link the robot to any trolley it is carrying. The robot can communicate with bumper switches on the trolley, enabling it to stop on the spot in the event of a collision or towing failure.





707 (L) x 645 (W) x 228 (H) mm

Turning Radius

380 mm


76kg (167 lbs)



Loading Weight

300kg (660 lbs)
Lifting capacity for objects is 100 kg (220 lbs) *2

Towing Weight

500kg (1100 lbs) *3


WiFi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n


LiDAR x 2 / USS x 5 / Visual Camera / IMU / Temp Sensors x 7

Operational Temperature

0 ~ 40 degrees

Cart Type


Roll Box

✔ No modification Required

6 Wheel Cart

✔ No modification Required



Alter device

Speaker / LED

Emergency Stop

Bumper / S-emergency Stop / E-Stop button / Software Braking System

*1 Hybrid AMR can operate in both AMR mode (autonomous driving) and AGV mode (tracked driving).
*2/3 It may vary depending on the loading direction, center of gravity position, and type of truck.
*4 Maximum speed is affected by the ambient environment, the material and condition of the traveling floor, and the load being carried.


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