Konnectt HubCollective automation ofexisting systems.

Cooperation with existing equipment

Konnectt Hub allows existing equipment to connect to the network and work with Hybrid-AMR. This makes it possible to perform collaborative tasks such as calling an elevator or opening and closing shutters in time with the Hybrid-AMR.
It can also be linked with fire prevention functions such as shutters.

Advanced interlocking to increase productivity

Konnectt Hub can be easily installed by connecting it with a wired connection to the PLC in your existing equipment. The PLC connection allows for coordination with the production equipment line, so that the production equipment can continue to operate after the Hybrid-AMR arrives.

Easy and safe installation

The communication method for existing equipment is very simple. In the case of elevators, when a worker presses a call button, the same mechanism is used to send an instruction signal from Konnectt Hub, resulting in a safe and secure design that is less prone to malfunctions.

Manageable with Konnectt

With Konnectt, the Hybrid AMR can be managed together with any field device.
The status of the site can be monitored in real time on a tablet, making site management more efficient and providing peace of mind through site visualization.

Autonomous worksite through equipment cooperation

Equipment can be automatically linked on the Konnectt system, allowing workers to understand the entire site.
Realize the autonomy of next-generation manufacturing plants and logistics centers.


Konnectt Hub


(11.8“× 15.8“× 7.1“)

Power requirement

Single phase AC100V 5A current (aircraft(Requires construction by a specialist))

Protection circuit

Breaker (5A1 built-in)

Installation method

Fixing to the inner surface

Input/output specifications

Input contact (PNP compatible) x 10,
input Contact (for 24V fire reception) x 2,
Output contact x 12 24V

Communication specifications

WiFi 2.4/5GHz (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n)


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