Open Industrial Robotics Program

At LexxPluss, our robotics automation technology has been published to our partners under the banner "Open Industrial Robotics".

What we aim to achieve

Improving Automation Infrastructure

Through making our technologies publically available, we aim to improve upon existing technologies and develop new ones. Making our technologies easier to share makes it easier for us to co-develop new robots, add ons, and new capabilities, benefitting everyone involved.

Connecting with the industrial partners

Collaboration between various companies is indispensable in creating next-generation technology. We are looking for strategic partners who are willing to cooperate in helping us with technology, development, manufacture and maintenance.

OIR Details

All of the following information is made available at part of our Open Industrial Robotics program



Robot Design

3D CAD Solidworks files
3D CAD Step files
Catalogue purchase list(BOM)
Custom product list(BOM)

Electric Design

System Diagrams
EDA data(KiCAD files)
Circuit diagram・PCB diagram
Electric parts purchase list(BOM)

Embedded System

Control board source code
Control board binary code
Power board source code
Power board binary code


Map editor tool
Roll box pallet blueprint
Alignment attatchment blueprint

Device/Quality Related Information

Assembly instruction manual
Wiring diagram
Robot inspection list
System inspection list

Case Studies

POC reports
Blueprint information of order-made parts



WMS linkable API


LexxPluss provides not only hardware solutions such as the Hybrid-AMR and Luft Conveyor but, software solutions too. Through the usage of our Konnect Robot Management System, various LexxPluss devices can work together to expand and automate your logistic capabilities.


API that can be linked with WMS

About the Program

Technical Information can be accessed from our Community Site

Technical information released by the Open Industrial Robotics program can be accessed/downloaded through the communnity site run by LexxPluss
*We will provide information on how to access the community site after the partnership contract.


How OIR program could help expand your business

In-House Production

In-house robot production and sales, or start a manufacturing business.        

Combining with In-House Systems

Customize and adjust the robot to implement it in your existing in-house warehouse system.

Technology Development

Develop and implement new parts such as robot arms to expand the capabilities of the robot.

Parts Distribution

Create and supply automation parts to robotics manufacturers.

Review for Implementation

Have a look at what we have to offer to see if our solutions are a good fit for you distribution center or factory.        

Start a new Business

Use the information as a reference to develop a new automation technology or start a new robotics-related business.

Our partners


* Organizations that are currently perticipating in OIR program (Updated 2023 Nov.)