Transportation between processes Cooperation with DAS/GAS Loading EV battery transportation Power Up Roll-Box-Pallet Bulky/heavy object picking Seamless folding container transportation
Transportation between processes

Transportation between processes exists in any scene within a warehouse and factory. Our products make workers free from moving around by automating cart linkage and obstacle avoidance during transport operations without burdening pre/post processes.


Loading process is still handled manually in many warehouses/factories because of the higher priority on shipping process. You can realize a flexible and effective loading operation by using Hybrid-AMR instead of conveyor systems.

Bulky/heavy object picking

In many cases, conventional picking assist robots do not cover the transportation of bulky/heavy objects like home appliances and raw materials. Hybrid-AMR can improve the burden on picking workers and working environments by assisting to pick such objects.

Cooperation with DAS/GAS

While assort systems like DAS, GAS, and SAS can make assort process efficient, the process to set goods and carts is handled manually. Hybrid-AMR can make total processes efficient by cooperating with assort systems.

Seamless folding container transportation

Hybrid-AMR enables automate folding container transportation off from a conveyor. In addition, Luft-Conveyor enables automate folding container transfer between a conveyor and Hybrid-AMR.

EV battery transportation

Ideal Electric Vehicle(EV) factory is changing drastically compared to conventional automotive factories using track-mounted AGV mainly. Hybrid-AMR and Konnectt are the optimal solutions for the introduction of cellular manufacturing and smart factory.

Automate cart collection and Aligned parking

Collecting empty carts and scrap carts takes time and effort. Hybrid-AMR autonomously checks for carts to collect and if so, automatically collects them. In addition, the robots align and park carts, allowing workers to move next operation without burdening them.