WaniGripperTransport existing cartswithout modifications

Transport existing Roll Box’s and Cage Trolleys as they are.

By using the WaniGripper, it is possible to automatically transport general-purpose carts used in logistics without modification.
*Compatible with all major Cage Trolleys and 6-wheel carts in Japan. For more details, please see here.

Automatic towing of heavy objects up to 500 kg (1102 lbs).

With a maximum towing capacity of 500 kg, the WaniGripper relieves the burden of having to manually transport dangerous and heavy objects that fall under the so-called 3K category.
In addition, the anti-sway function ensures stability during right and left turns, enabling stable movement even with eccentric loads.

Automatic attachment and transport.

It is possible to automatically attach and detach the WaniGripper to and from the cart. This allows for automatic transport without the need for manual labor. This makes for highly efficient automation.

A solution that does not require changes to the site.

By thoroughly understanding the existing facilities and current operations at the site and emphasizing the avoidance of significant changes, we provide a user-friendly transportation solution that is easy to implement from the customer's perspective.




Max Towing Capability

500kg (1100 lbs)


Not Required

Typical Cart

Rollbox : W800 x D600 x H 1700 mm
Rollbox : W1100 x D800 x H 1700 mm
6 Wheel : 1260 x D425 x H 1520 mm

Auto Linkage

Ability to automatically tow a cart in place

Auto unlink

Function to stop the cart at the specified transfer destination and automatically disengage the cart



Emergency stop button (additionally equipped)
Cart detection function (additionally equipped)

Cart end height

175mm - 250mm

Cart end dimensions

L-shaped frame
L50 - H 40mm


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