Luft-ConveyorA helping hand betweenHybrid AMRs and Conveyors

Add onto existing roller conveyor systems

The Luft-Conveyor can be added onto your conveyor systems, providing an uninterrupted flow of goods beyond the end of the line.

Load and unload with ease

Luft-Conveyor covers both loading and unloading between the Hyrbid-AMR and any conveyor, allowing for flexible operation.

Scalable and flexible

Additional Luft-Conveyor systems can be freely added or removed to meet ever-chaing logistic demands.

Limitless logistic possibilies

Hybrid-AMRs and Luft-Conveyors work in tandem to transport goods anywhere within a warehouse or factory. Automating the flow of goods allows people to focus their attention elsewhere, improving productivity.



Transfer Capacity

4 folding containers/unit

Compatible Container Dimensions

External Dimensions(LWH)

500×360×300 mm

(20×14.2×11.8 in)

Compatible Roller Conveyor Dimensions

Roller width:
500 - 1000 mm
(20 - 39.4 in)
Roller interval: 100 mm
(3.9 in)
Height: 500 - 1000 mm
(20 - 39.4 in)
Any drive systems

Recommended Operating Environment

+10ºC to +50ºC
(avoid freezing)

Power Requirement


API Connection

Serial / Ethernet / Wi-Fi


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