Effortlessly Navigating a Changing World

The logistics industry is changing, and LexxPluss is changing with it. That’s because we’re constantly evolving and offering solutions to our customers’ issues around scheduling, the delivery of goods, and increased costs within the supply chain.

At LexxPluss, we’re working to improve the logistics industry, one automation solution at a time. 


Logistics Automation You Can Rely On

The logistics industry often faces labor shortages that pose significant difficulties for companies, especially during peak seasons when a large workforce is essential.

With our Lexx500, whose autonomous driving technology features a multi-sensor array, enabling the robot to detect people and obstacles, ensuring safe operation in various environments, and enabling effective collaboration with humans, there’s no need to worry about labor. This flexibility also means that changes to consumer behaviors are easy to adapt to.

But why is automation important in logistics industry? Well, in distribution centers, for instance, the Lexx500 is used to move cages and carts to designated shipping points, as well as retrieving empty carts and moving them to the shipping area. It autonomously performs sorting and parking for transport tasks during order picking, too.  


Absolute Autonomy

The movement of materials, regardless of size, can prove to be a laborious, monotonous, and complex task. When a process involves many employees, entire warehouse or factory floors can become cramped and difficult to navigate. Transportation between processes can be tricky, too, especially if materials are being moved manually along narrow corridors or via elevators.  

At LexxPluss, our products free staff from arduous logistics labor by automating cart linkage and obstacle avoidance during transport operations without disrupting the overall process. For example, our Lexx500 system allows you to implement a flexible and effective loading operation instead of using a traditional conveyor system. The robot also improves the steps of picking bulky items by assisting in the process. 

If that’s not enough, our automation solutions make processes more efficient by cooperating with assortment systems such as DAS, GAS, and SAS. Lastly, the Lexx500 enables automated folding container transportation directly from a conveyor belt, further reducing the need for manual labor. 


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