LexxPluss Announces Rebranding & Expansion

Date: April 8, 2024

LexxPluss is undergoing a significant rebranding initiative as part of its strategy to strengthen its position in the US market. This effort includes renaming its product portfolio and revamping its website, scheduled to be unveiled later this spring.

Fishers, IN, April 8, 2024 – The Japanese automation solutions company’s flagship products, previously known as Hybrid-AMRKonnecttKonnectt Hub, and WaniGripper, will be officially renamed as part of its commitment to international markets. These products will be launched in the US with their new names Lexx500, LexxFleet, LexxHub, and LexxTug at the 2024 Automate show in Chicago this May.
A complete redesign of the website is also underway, with a planned launch at the end of this spring.

LexxPluss has made strides in the US, announcing a new demo space, located in the Indiana IoT Lab, in Fishers, Indiana, aimed at showcasing its intralogistics technology. The company is heavily investing in the US market to offer its autonomous mobile robots (AMR) technology. As part of this expansion, LexxPluss established a US subsidiary and opened a new US sales office in Indiana earlier in 2023, and is actively expanding its team.

Announcing the opening of the US demo space, LexxPluss COO, Rizo Itakura, says, “There is huge potential for greater automation in the US. Our products remove barriers to scaling up and integrating automation with existing systems. Customers can start with a single unit, using existing carts and production machinery to generate greater efficiencies and improve the working environment. Interested companies and potential partners are welcome to visit our demo space in Indiana, to learn first-hand how our solutions can help to create sustainable intralogistics operations.”

The company sees immense potential in the US market, with forecasted growth in the mobile robots market. Interested parties are invited to visit LexxPluss’s demo space in Indiana to experience firsthand how their solutions can optimize intralogistics operations.

LexxPluss is dedicated to ensuring safety and interoperability with its AMR technology, equipping its mobile conveyancing robots with multi-sensor safety features. The company’s open architecture approach allows for seamless integration with existing systems, enhancing operational efficiency.

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